Learn how to work with color, composition, rendering techniques, and special subject matter, from beginning to advanced levels. You'll enjoy yourself and improve your soft pastel skills with Liz's unique point of view.


Upcoming Workshops

Liz's workshops are tailored to your group's experience levels. She demonstrates each day and gives you one-on-one attention. She likes to set up a challenge, go into the basic principles involved in the process, and helps you apply them to your work. Students say her workshops allow them to stretch beyond their normal comfort zone.

To schedule a workshop for your group, please contact me at or 602-321-9658.

3 Hour Classes

Liz teaches classes at Scottsdale Artists' School on an on-going basis.

Painting with Pastels is a Piece of Cake

November 2-23, 2019

Saturdays 9am-noon

5 sessions

Pastel, all levels

‘Easy peasy’ is how Liz describes painting with soft pastels. Layering one pastel stick over another to build rich color then glazing over that with a unifying transparent pastel can be a magical experience. Liz will give daily demonstrations and informative critiques.

Shiny and Sheer with Soft Pastels

February 1-29, 2020

Saturdays 9am-noon

5 sessions

Pastel, all levels

Underpainting, layering and glazing will be studied while working on a wide array of subject matters such as ceramic pitchers, desert plants, seasonal fruits and abstract backgrounds. Explore new techniques and grow with helpful critiques. The class will include instructor demonstrations, class discussions, and slide shows.

For more info or to register
visit Scottsdale Artists' School:

The school's website also has more information, or you may call 480-990-1422. Address: 3720 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Liz can create a presentation or perform demonstrations of soft pastel painting for your group.

Demonstrations show how the soft pastel medium works using various techniques and tools that help to arrive at color and value choices.

I offer anecdotes that encourage you to be more observant of the environment and what we actually see in our daily lives.

I show how to achieve opaque vs transparency as well as creating vibrancy and rich textures.

Presentations are more of a discussion and group participation of the same principles listed above.

To schedule a Presentation or Demonstration, please contact me at or 602-321-9658.